Welcome to the Autumn 2016 edition of Building Consultancy Today.

Our latest “Placemaking” themed newsletter looks at the number of large mixed use and regeneration schemes that we are seeing in London and the various considerations that need to be made around developing these schemes.

Our articles explore what elements are required to make a successful place work; how to create partnerships between public and private sector bodies to deliver successful developments; if the garden city model is still relevant today; energy strategies such as district heating systems being used in mixed use developments; the importance of open space for any new development and a generation Y perspective on the transformation of the London 2012 Olympic site which is one of the UK’s most ambitious regeneration projects.

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Olympic Legacy: the Millennial View

The London 2012 Games set ambitious legacy goals for East London. Four years on it’s time to assess progress.

Stephen Adams from Project Management – Commercial Fit-Out gives a Gen Y perspective on living in the area and seeing the transformation come to life.

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The Garden City Model

Does the Garden City model still have something  to offer for today’s master planners?

Peter Dijkhuis from Master Planning explores how our ideas on urban living have evolved and what today’s paradigm looks like.

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Energy Strategies for Masterplanning

The rise of on-site power generation such as combined heat and power systems highlights their suitability for major regeneration projects.

Stephen Kent from Sustainable Engineering explores the benefits but at the same time highlights some of the factors that investors and purchasers need to consider.

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How to Make Cities

A successful regeneration scheme needs a distinctive identity to make it an attractive place to work and live.

Stephen Fox from Project Management – Mixed Use Development emphasises the importance of a long term vision and a flexible phasing strategy.

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The Case for Open Space

Open space brings social and economic benefits to any new development.

Georgina Dowling from Environmental Planning & Assessment lists 10 reasons which illustrate its value for placemaking.

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Creating Successful Public and Private Partnerships

Public and private sector collaborations often face cultural as well as organisational challenges.

Pauline Schaffer from Major & Capital Projects discusses the formula for creating effective partnerships capable of delivering successful developments.

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David Hitchcock

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This quarter we predict;

  • Brexit driven caution continues to supress development activity
  • May Government to launch new initiatives on infrastructure and housing
  • Increase in number of construction apprenticeships
  • Swings and roundabouts for building material costs as a result of exchange rate volatility
  • More momentum behind relaxation of planning rules to stimulate house building
  • International businesses in the UK develop tactical plans for their future outside the EU