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2017 Outlook

This time last year it would have seemed fanciful to suggest that after a vote to leave the EU, the UK would grow as fast as the remainder of the global economy, but we did quite well in the circumstances! However there are changes afoot as the implications of an apparently ‘harder’ exit and the longer term impacts of the decision become clearer and feed into the real economy.

Draft EIA Regulations 2017: An Overview

Draft EIA Regulations 2017: An Overview On 14 December 2016 DCLG released the technical consultation on plans for amending the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations for planning and major infrastructure. The changes are required to transpose the 2014...

One year on from last year’s floods

A year after extensive flooding affected the north of the country, Ian Joyner, flood risk lead at CBRE, discusses the significance of two recent announcements. Thousands of homes and businesses were flooded last winter, leading to much finger-pointing from politicians...

Don’t Forget to Design in Security

Don't Forget to Design in Security We read a lot about new ways of working, the future of the workspace and the need for flexibility, however we cannot forget about physical security of the workspace. The threat of terrorism isn’t new and future design concepts cannot...

Breaking Badly: The Evolving Challenge of Lease Break Compliance

Recent case law has highlighted the complex risks and potential pitfalls of successfully executing a conditional break clause in a lease.

Tenant break options are generally seen by the courts as very beneficial to a tenant, any conditions that have to be fulfilled for the break to be successful are strictly upheld. In the most simple form these conditions may require all rents to be paid, while at the other end of the spectrum very onerous (sometimes near impossible) conditions may be to fully comply with all lease terms.