Welcome to the Spring 2016 edition of Building Consultancy Today.

With continued investment in UK property particularly from overseas investors, our latest “Inward Investment” themed newsletter examines the factors that developers and investors need to consider when investing in property in the UK.

We look at how developers new to the UK can engage with the construction market, what factors property investors need to consider, the differences between sustainability certifications, we also review international differences in environmental law and discuss customising industrial warehouses for different occupiers.

In this edition I am pleased to launch our new BUILD INSIGHT blog which will host all our newsletters, commentary and articles from Building Consultancy.

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for future articles.

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David Hitchcock

Head of UK & EMEA Building Consultancy

Overseas developers face barriers in the UK

As the attractiveness of investing in the UK continues, overseas investors increasingly participate in development in the UK.  Without local reputation or established relationships, these new entrants to the market face challenges.

Neil Grey, Senior Director in Project Management considers how overseas investors or developers can gain access to the UK construction market.

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UK environmental risk vs overseas laws and the risk to value

Understanding environmental law and the potential damage to capital value of environmental risk is critical for overseas investors in the U.K.

Julie Townsend, Head of Environmental Risk explains the differences between UK and overseas environmental laws and explains how risks can be minimised or avoided in pre purchase due diligence.

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Understanding occupier requirements is the key to advising international investors

Investors aiming to create sustained capital value need to know what occupiers want and match their buildings to it.

Charles Ingram Evans, Senior Director in Building Surveying explains the art of understanding occupiers and how this knowledge benefits landlords and investors, particularly those from overseas.

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Which property sustainable certification to choose? 

Sustainable certification continues to be an important consideration for your property, but which one to choose?

Neelum Choudhury, Associate Director in Sustainable Engineering sets out the various sustainable building certifications available in the market explaining how to choose the right scheme for your property.

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Not all sheds are equal

Having the right distribution warehouse is essential for retailers in the digital age, as online shopping continues to grow. For developers and investors, flexibility to accommodate the needs of most occupiers is fundamental.

Luke Buchholtz, Director in Major & Capital Projects considers typical specification standards and explains that operators are looking for the potential to accommodate well-planned internal fit-outs to promote increased efficiency.

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David Hitchcock

David Hitchcock

MD of UK & EMEA Building Consultancy

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This quarter we predict;

  • Construction costs continue to increase despite lower steel prices
  • A seller’s market for construction limits procurement choices for clients
  • Wider use of innovative building methods such as timber composite products and modular component parts
  • Physical building security becomes a higher priority for occupiers
  • More pressure on the planning system for faster decisions